Legends of Pegasus Humans-Trailer US

Legends of Pegasus Humans-Trailer US

Official LoP Humans Trailer


War has been part of Mankind for ages. Our history has been but a succession of conflicts. How could we have been simultaneously looking for ever more power and for ever more well-being just can’t be understood. Many of us stopped believing, and more than one prophesized the end of our world.

And then we discovered how to reach the stars. While contemplating the infinite reaches of space, we understood our fate had just changed forever. It was a challenge only a group of united people could overcome. Conflicts over food, religion, raw materials or even power ended. Mankind was finally as one, and our imagination knew no boundaries. We built spacecraft we would never have dreamed possible. We were finally able to travel beyond the limits of the solar system, exploring and colonizing far and unknown worlds.

But peace, indeed, would not last forever. Soon, greed ate away at the dream of a united future. Alien planets, with unknown bounties aplenty, rekindled our race’s worst instincts.
What started as a dream for many was crushed by a few. Earth declared war on the separatist colonies and a new chapter of our history was written with the blood of Man.

In the end, the colonies were brought to their knees by the new technologies that made the Earth intervention fleet so powerful. But that victory didn’t come without a heavy price tag for Earth. The war that raged between brothers of the same race drew the attention of another race, much more powerful than ours. That race allied with Earth’s government and put an end to the troubles in the colonies. To win the war, Earth’s government sealed an alliance without questioning the benevolence of the aliens, who so generously offered to share their knowledge with us and promised the greatest of futures together. Had we been able to learn from our own History, we would have been more careful. Soon, it was humanity that faced an uncertain future…

Ship DesignsEdit

Human ships tend to be wider than they are tall to accommodate more colonization modules. This, however, makes them more vulnerable to attack from the top and bottom sides, as they provide a very “fat” target. Their ships have strong defenses but lack maneuverability. Human weaponry tends towards projectile weapons. Human captains tend to prefer fighting at long range, launching a mix torpedo volleys and particles.

Racial CharacteristicsEdit

The humans that have been brought to this sector of space are fighting for their survival and yet not all of them agree on how the future of mankind should be. There are constant tensions between the survivors. Humans get a natural race bonus on their trade skills and are average in most other skills.

Human Racial TraitsEdit

Skill Bonus


Production 0.0
Culture 0.0
Mining 0.0


Diplomacy 0.0
Population Growth 0.0
Maintainence 0.0
Engineering 0.05